Racks, housings and accessories

UCF-16.3 Universal Modem chassis

UCF-3.1 1U, 19" housing


DTH-5T24,"S-type" housing.
PSU-2460M, 24V-60W PSU for UCF-16.3   
IOC-PSU-7T, power entry unit for PSU-2460M
PWA-2408E, 24V-8W Power adapter   
PWA-2410E, 24V-9W Power adapter 
IOC-PSV25, Serial I/O Card.
4TE-S, blind panel brushed steel       
4TE-R, blind panel painted RAL7035     
5TE-S, blind panel brushed steel 
5TE-R, blind panel painted RAL7035  
9TE-S, blind panel brushed steel       
9TE-R, blind panel painted RAL7035
Cable assemblies: on demand.

Note: Accessories are not sold as single items.
Only in combination with related products.

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